Something to Guide You: Viewfinder

Something to Guide You: Viewfinder

Viewfinder. The vision board replacement you need this year.
A return to lockdown locks out the ability to meet in person for my annual Vision Board workshops, so let’s meet online for a fancy new version with even more bells and whistles.

Viewfinder mixes Magic Words and the Self-fulfilling Prophecy Letter of past years with a new set of coaching tools designed to bring added meaning and power to your vision board experience.

This workshop borrows from the past and present to lean into a future of possibility with confidence and clarity.

Clarity is so important!

Clarity gives you confidence and levels the playing field, whether you’re interviewing for a new job, raising a teenager, setting boundaries in a relationship, buying a car, wrapping your life around distance learning, creating time for writing + creativity, organizing your thoughts to bringing new love into your life, or just about anything life throws at you.

Let’s figure out what it is you really want in 2021 and how to ask for it. Why? So you can move through the changes coming our way this year and into whatever comes next with confidence, hope (remember hope?) and maybe, possibly, joy.

But can it really be just as fun online? YES!

I am a little surprised myself. Online vision board workshops have turned out to be more fun and interactive than even I, the ever hopeful, dared to think they would be. I usually offer them only at the end of December / beginning of January, but so far in 2021, bookings for private groups – online – are going to keep me busy through March.

I put the popularity and success of my vision board workshops down to people tuning back into hope and preparing to move back out into the world in new and interesting ways.
A decent coaching session takes about an hour, 90 minutes if we’re digging deep. Sometimes, though, you just need to get together with some other like-spirited people and build some hope into the way you walk into the future, so you can keep going with your head held high.