Unfog Your Blog

A workshop with room to prep, room to plan, and room to nurture the blog you have always wanted to share with the world.

Unfog Your Blog.

This workshop is designed to establish new blogs and to breathe new life into existing blogs. The focus is twofold: the act of blogging and the joy of creating room in your life to support a regular blogging habit.

Plan, Prep, Play.  

In September, we work together to discover and celebrate your deep personal connection to your blog, and we take a realistic look at the time it takes to bring a blog post into the world while paying attention to the natural rhythms of your life.

These weeks are for experimenting with voice and style, honoring hesitancy, developing confidence, planning ahead, and practicing the habit as well as the act of writing. It’s also a good time to iron out any snags in your blog theme or platform.

Post & Get Paid.

In October, November, and December, we start publishing blog posts–first to the private writing community on Facebook, To Live & Write, and then to the wider world as your comfort zone expands. 

Bonus Feature! You get six 30-minute 1:1 private sessions with the coach during this blogging workshop. These sessions are outside the 90-minute group sessions that are held weekly on Zoom. They are just for you and your specific needs. You can book one 60-minute or two 30-minute sessions per month.

I want you to get excited about writing your blog posts, curating the images, and sharing them on social media. So, I pay you back $20 per new blog posted in October, November, and December (up to four per month) to get the ball rolling and to give it a chance to keep rolling until you have firmly established your blogging habit. 

December is going to be tough; it’s deep winter and crowded with holidays and holiday traditions and all the good, bad, and joyfully exhausting distractions and obligations that go with them. But I have something up my sleeve to make it possible to handle your blog through the chaos like a pro. It’s a little something that you can use forever, for as long as your blog is up and running, whenever you need to slow things down without losing readers. 

Unfog Your Blog

700-830pm WEDNESDAYS
September 11 through December 11

Zoom ID provided with payment.

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