Memberships for Writers

Embrace Your Writing Journey!

And have a bunch of fun with a bunch of other writers while you’re at it!

There are a whole bunch of ways to live your best writing life
in my Facebook writing community, To Live & Write … Wherever You are. There always will be.

For writers who crave learning through hands-on play and experimentation, having access to a wide assortment of writing labs, workshops, and retreats is an essential part of carving out the life they want, immersed in writing + creativity, firmly planted on a path to success.

The most highly sought after support for this growth and development is additional 1:1 time with their coach (hey, that’s me!), outside and separate from the group dynamics of labs, workshops, and retreats.

Some people like to pick and choose what they want to do each month, or skip a few months, and pay as they go.

Other people like to budget; they prefer to pay for x amount of deliverables, plop them on the calendar, and forget about it until it’s time to show up. These memberships make that happen. And they also come with random perks to keep things fun.



per month

  • 2 x 30-minute 1:1 coaching sessions / month.
  • 1 x online mini-retreat / month.
  • Optional: Serial Collective
  • Cancel anytime.



per month

  • 4 x 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions or light editing / month.
  • 3 x Game Night tokens / month.
  • 1 x online mini-retreat / month.
  • 1 x in-person retreat / year (after six paid months of membership).
  • Unlimited labs / month.
  • Unlimited workshops / month.
  • Scheduling input for labs, workshops, & retreats.
  • Cancel anytime.

MEMBERSHIP Deliverables


30-minute coaching sessions on Zoom for your easy access. The focus is on you, your progress, your goals, your obstacles, and your success. Can be scheduled back-to-back for 60-minute sessions. Additional sessions available in pairs (2 x 30-minutes).

Value: $100/hour 


Typically 3 hours across 1 or 2 days, these writing labs are designed to focus on one aspect of writing / storytelling at a time with an emphasis on experimentation and playing with human truths and new ideas in a safe space. 2-3 labs scheduled/month.

Value: $107-$197/lab


6 weeks, 3 months, 14 weeks, even 4 months of weekly group sessions with one result in mind: yours. Depending on the point and the process, each workshop has its own multi-week timeline. 3 x Make It Happen workshops, 3 x Live & Thrive workshops, 3 x Writing Workshops offered per year.

Value: $197 -$997/workshop


90 minutes on Zoom (2 hours for big groups) to write fast for the fun of it. Writers gather together to play prompt games designed to inspire and to kick off stories, plays, poetry, song lyrics, books, magazine articles, and whatever else pops up. Share raw work on the spot, polish later. 1 night / month, floating schedule.

Value: $37/Game Night token


12 hours across 1 day (with 2 x 2-hour breaks for lunch and dinner). You bring your project, share your goals, request your kind of accountability, and get to work. Mini-Retreats are live on Zoom, so you can spend the day in your pajamas if you want.
Morning session: 900am-100pm. Afternoon session: 300-600pm. Proof of Write: 800pm. 3rd Saturday of every month.

Value: $49/Mini-Retreat


While the world recovers and reopens, we will exercise caution and limit our 4-day writing getaways to safe locations within a few hours drive or several hours train ride from the San Francisco Bay Area. Proof of Covid-19 vaccination and willingness to wear a mask required. Schedule mimics Mini-Retreat. 4-6 retreats choices/year.

Value: $399-$499/retreat
(fee excludes transportation, accommodations, meals).