The Live & Thrive Workshop

The Live & Thrive Workshop

The Live & Thrive Workshop is for people who are motivated to figure out what they want to happen next in their lives, design a plan to achieve their goals, and then take the necessary steps to make it happen.

This 6-week workshop combines three of the five specialized workshops under the Live & Thrive umbrella: Choice Within Change, Now & Later, and Viewfinder. In it, we focus on the live side of live/write balance. We take a look at what’s going on in your life, what kind of changes have brought you to a place where you’re eager to define the next step, and what’s coming up that requires some kind of adaptation.

The Live & Thrive workshop has been designed for people who want clarity around what to do next, as well as a strong sense of possibility and opportunity that comes from life-affirming reality checks around the past (achievements, competency, perceived failures, hard lessons learned, curated desires, etc.)

If you’ve done Choice Within Change, Now & Later, or Viewfinder with me in the past, it’s been a while. This workshop is a great refresher, especially if you’ve grown into what you wanted back then and are ready to keep moving forward into the next stage and beyond.

We meet online for group sessions once a week.

This is a tight-knit, safe space for no more than six people per workshop pod, which means it’s almost like private coaching, but with additional moral support from fellow members.
Privacy, confidentiality, and demonstrations of mutual respect are minimum expectations.

Participation in a private Facebook group is ideal.

That’s where I post the homework every week and you get to engage in spontaneous discussions with other members, but other arrangements can be made.

That’s right. Homework. But unlike middle school, you’ll understand why you’re doing it and how it’s all going to pay off. And the homework is all about you, so it’s going to be fun even when it’s challenging.
You’re going to enjoy this process.


Live on Zoom: 900-1030am Saturdays PDT, 2025 Dates TBD