What the Heart Writes

Join us on Zoom for

What the Heart Writes

A one-night,
Valentine’s Day Special
Just for writers.

Wednesday, February 14
700-900pm PST

What the Heart Writes

Join an intimate group of writers on Valentine’s Day as we explore the intricate layers of thought, feeling, and memory around a person, place, or thing that lives in our heart. 

The heart, as a metaphor for one’s deepest emotions and desires, is the source of authentic and sincere expression. Given a voice, your heart can reveal secret desires, inspire courage, clear the air, and nurture gratitude.

In this one-night, mini-memoir, mini-workshop, we will write first in response to outside prompts, then turn to our own words for the second set of prompts, and so on for two hours, sharing insights and delight in our own writing along the way.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or simply curious about expressing your emotions on paper, this workshop provides a supportive space to explore the people, places, things, and memories your heart holds sacred.

Come for a sneak peek, leave with some beautiful writing.

This unique mini-workshop is a test run for what will be a full-size, full-price, multi-week workshop in the near future.

In return for the ridiculously low price, I would love your honest feedback at the end of the night – if you feel like it.

The Zoom ID for this workshop will be delivered with your payment confirmation.