Have you been searching for a place to be yourself,
tell your stories, and know you belong?

There’s room for you in To Live & Write … Wherever You Are.

In 2014, I created a new writing community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Now we include members from all over, including … wherever you are.

I thought I was just putting together a small group of local writers I could meet up with in person and keep up with on Facebook. I was happy to begin with three people — two introverts and me. Skip ahead six years and as I write this in my little group’s birthday month, we hover at just under 650 members. We are indeed a growing, thriving community. We touch base in the Facebook group To Live and Write … Wherever You Are and meet in person or online frequently to write together, share our work, and/or discuss the writing life with people who speak our language.

For the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic, we meet exclusively online on Zoom.

Join the Facebook group to connect with other writers at a weekday Write Along, Tuesday Discussion Group, and Proof of Write three times a week.

To accommodate lurkers as well as writers who participate openly, every month I invite members to participate in a challenge designed to establish and reinforce regular writing habits, push productivity, and spark playful creativity. The rotation includes Daily Pages, Flash Lit, Word Count, and Double Dubs.

Every month also presents an opportunity to share your polished work with an audience. Local Voices is our open mic, Alameda Shorts is our curated lit night, and Lend Me Your Voice is a fun event where we read each others’ work to find out how different readers experience our writing voices.

Membership is free and there’s room for you.

If you believe you have to lead a life worth living to have anything worth writing about, and that you need to write to have a life worth living, you’re one of us.

If you believe honing your craft is a lifetime endeavor and the very thought of all that work sends tingles up and down your spine, we see you.

Whether you have impostor syndrome or you’re proud of your work, or you’re some of both, none of either, and everywhere in between, you’ll fit right in.

In this community, we focus on a shared love of story and embrace our growing diversity.

Our intention is to continue to build and sustain a community of writers who identify and acknowledge each others’ challenges and achievements when shared, lend an ear or words of wisdom when needed, and show up for each other when asked.

What sets us apart? We provide each other with old-fashioned moral support in a modern, high-tech world. We keep in Facebook and Zoom, and celebrate each other across social media. We also make sure we have plenty of opportunities to get together in real life to strengthen our connections, build lasting and important friendships, and draft off each others’ creative energy–when it’s safe. We have put real world gatherings on hold for the pandemic and are excited to return to our time together in person when it’s safe.

Look for The Week Ahead posted every weekend in the Facebook group or sign up for the newsletter, Writing Stuff so you, too, can have access to our list of events and activities, which include Discussion Groups, Write Alongs, and many opportunities to share your work.

Happy writing and I hope to see you there!

Are you looking for a place to go to write every weekday,
a place where people care whether you show up?
A place where other writers join you to put words
on the page and work towards their individual goals?

A place where you find inspiration, motivation,
accountability, and a pretty chill vibe?

You have come to the right place!
RSVP here to let us know you’re going to join us.
We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Heading 2

This is where you RSVP for
Write Alongs and Tuesday Discussions in April

Zoom meeting ID: 510 205 6986 | Password: 2592

RSVP for April
Proof of Writes + Lend Me Your Voice

Proof of Writes 
provides opportunities to read your brand new, raw, unfiltered work with a small, private group of writers who are equally vulnerable and have also been trained to provide feedback that acknowledges the strong points in your writing without causing damage to your feelings about it.

Lend Me Your Voice is your chance to hear how your story’s tone, flow, pace, and dialogue show up in your reader. Listen to a fellow writer read your polished piece out loud at first sight (no practicing allowed), then take your turn reading another writer’s work. The reading selection is random. 5-minute reading limit.

There is room for you and you are welcome. Join us.

*Lend Me Your Voice replaces Proof of Write periodically. You bring a polished 5-minute read to swap with other writers; they read your work out loud and you read theirs. Randomized selection.

RSVP for Monday Memoir Meetings!

If you’re writing a memoir, you really want to be part of this group.
Fun, friendly, and full of fans of the genre, the Monday Memoirs group will meet twice a month to talk shop and get some writing done. Memoir is a wonderful and challenging way to showcase your storytelling skills.

Can you imagine how reassuring it could be to have a group of other memoir writers lending you moral support and celebrating your progress?

Join us. There’s room for you and you are welcome. Can’t do both meetings a month? Not sure you want to commit to twice a month? That’s okay. Sign up for one and see what you think.
WHEN: 800-930pm on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month, PST.
WHERE: Zoom. Default meeting ID 510 205 6986.
WHY: Because connecting with other memoir writers, even online, fosters a sense of belonging, which is an important counterweight to isolation or loneliness–which is its own delightful motivation to keep going with your story, even when the going gets tough.

Membership is free
and there’s room for you!

One thing is certain, I would not be where I am with my writing if I’d not joined To Live & Write. … tonight in Proof of Write, all three participants said my words convey my unique voice! I’m gonna test that theory at Lend Me Your Voice … The point here is that I credit this group with giving me the structure and accountability to find said voice. So thank you again … When the student is ready, the teacher appears. And you have been a godsend.

Libra Kaplan