Prompt #94 – Forewarned and Construct

Prompt #94 – Forewarned and Construct

Hello Writers and Journalers,

Today’s two-word prompt is Forewarned and Construct. When you are forewarned that there is a storm coming or that it’s going to be an incredibly hot day, you construct your environment or make sure your environment is constructed in a way that protects you.

You either batten down the hatches to not let the water in or you put up shade umbrellas or you stay inside. You construct a situation where your personal environment is safe from extreme weather.

What about relationships, or other people’s moods, or when you screw up at work? How do you construct a way to protect yourself and to make something a learning experience when you’re forewarned that it’s going to be a challenging situation?

What do you put in place to protect yourself?