The Artist’s Way Workshop

Motivation, accountability,
and the secrets to reconnecting with your innate creativity.

The Artist’s Way Workshop

Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, celebrated 30 years in 2022, with more than 3 million copies sold worldwide.

This 12-week process stands the test of time
because it works; if you do the work, it will connect you to your innate creativity.

But it is so hard to keep up the pace, unless you have support, encouragement, and other people you can rely on to show up and hold you accountable.

That’s where this workshop comes in.
 In our weekly Zoom sessions, we hold one another accountable for completing the tasks Cameron has laid out in each chapter. 

We recap Artist Dates, affirm the value of the Morning Pages, and discuss the thoughts, feelings, and memories, as well as the ah-ha moments, that came up for us as we completed each task during the week.

730pm PDT Wednesdays
May 8 through July 31, 2024

As your coach, I listen with an ear to how I can help you continue to open up your creativity.

You are not alone when the workshop ends.

When the final set of tasks are behind us and the workshop is over, some of us will know exactly what to do next, while others, maybe you, will be less sure. It’s nice to know you can continue to explore outlets for your creativity and be supported as you nurture your budding creative habit and strengthen your creative identity. For those who want them, I am full of ideas, beginning with a bunch of free stuff I offer through my online writing community, To Live & Write … Wherever You Are, and some paid stuff I offer as a writing + creativity coach.

The Artist’s Way Workshop, as I lead it, tends to center on writers and the writing life. However, all creatives are welcome and celebrated. This process is for every artist, after all.

As with all my workshops, The Artist’s Way Workshop is a safe space. You are only ever asked to share what you are comfortable sharing, all sharing is private and confidential within the group, and we respect and celebrate diversity. I have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech, disrespectful or disruptive behavior, and agendas that are not in line with Julia Cameron’s process as outlined in The Artist’s Way.

The fee includes The Artist Way book, The Artist’s Way Workbook, 13 live and interactive meetings on Zoom, and membership in a private Facebook group where you can continue conversations after our meetings with other members of the group.

I am a coach, and while this process may feel therapeutic, this workshop is not a form of therapy and I am not qualified to act as a therapist. As your writing + creativity coach, my focus is on helping you discover, establish, and nurture your creative habits and creative identity.

Thirteen weeks is a serious commitment, and you may find life gets in the way of one or two meetings. We will take notes and keep you in the loop to the best of our ability and keep each other up to date in the Facebook group. For 13 weeks, and as far into the future as you would like to keep it alive, the Facebook group is your safe place to connect, explore, reach out, and appreciate each other’s journey.

Julia Cameron relies heavily on her beliefs in a Christian God, and that is reflected in much of the text in her book and workbook, and also appears in some of the exercises. Please know that our workshop neither rejects nor embraces her beliefs or anyone else’s. However, The Artist’s Way is a spiritual journey–in that we reach outside as well as inside ourselves for growth, inspiration, and self-realization. Belief in something outside oneself is an important part of the process.


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