Tidy Retreats

This is a new kind of retreat.

It’s called a Tidy Retreat because it’s an excuse to tidy up a bit. 
It’s designed to support your creativity by boosting your sense of achievement and competence,
all while giving you the pleasure of being able to write in a space you enjoy.

In a Tidy Retreat, you get to step away from writing for a few hours to focus instead on something in your space
that could use some tidying up or sprucing up — your desk, car, garden, the Tupperware cupboard, etc.

Environment counts when it’s time to get creative, time to focus, and time to write great things.
Clutter and disorganization is fine and normal and whatever — until it gets depressing.
Clear surfaces and organized space lend a sense of clarity, control, competence, and freedom.

Every Tidy Retreat is an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and take care of a few small tasks
or one medium job around the house that have been so easy to put off — but now they’re a problem.
The chance to have fun spending a specific amount of time doing specific tasks for your benefit are precious and rare.

So join the fun!

Meet us online for a few solid hours of timed tasks, check ins, and cheerleading.
We get it done together. We work separately together on Zoom to inspire, motivate, and
hold each other accountable to our individual goals and intentions.

Every second Sunday of the month.
1000am-100pm PST

Optional journaling session: 900-1000am PST