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Magic happens when you write outside your comfort zone. If you write personal narrative, come play with fiction. If you write fiction, test the personal narrative waters to see what all the fuss is about. That’s what the Writing Labs are for.

Two Truths & A Lie, Fast Freytag, #Hashtag, and Risk are all about experimentation. There’s no right or wrong way to play. It’s okay to mix things up, blow things up, make a mess, invent something new. Tap in and out of fact and fiction, truth and lies, past and future, reality and imagination.

Fair warning: When you free yourself to experiment with a different form of storytelling, you run the risk of strengthening your original skills and falling in love with something new.

Game rules: Follow my lead, free your imagination, and take a chance on yourself. Validate yourself. Scroll down for more info.

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MAKE IT HAPPEN workshops

To get from where you are to where you’d like to be, you need a destination and a map. Otherwise, you can find yourself without a compass, spinning your wheels, getting lost on tangents, or disappearing into rabbit holes.

In the Make It Happen Labs we identify your goal, the path you’d like to take to reach it, and how you’d like to be held accountable along the way.  

You set the pace, whether you’re in a multi-month Brand New Blog, a 30-day Month of Extraordinary Goals (MEG), or a 3-hour Stratagem workshop. My job is to check in regularly, keep you connected to your goal and in line with your intentions, and acknowledge your hard-won achievements along the way.

Make It Happen Workshops focus on inspiration, motivation, and accountability in a non-competitive environment. Scroll down for more info.

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LIVE & THRIVE workshops

When you’re a storyteller, your lifestyle, writing, and creativity have to work together for any of them to work at all. Try having any two without the third and I bet you end up stuck.

Live & Thrive Workshops are designed for the unique lifestyle considerations of writers and creative people. Call it write-life balance, where the focus is on finding the same sense of choice, engagement, and control in your life that you have when you write and create. 

Your writing + creativity make you whole; they support your emotional intellectual life + well being, right? What if you also designed your life + well-being around supporting your writing + creativity?

Keep scrolling to check out Choice Within Change, Now & Later, and Viewfinder for more info about the three Live & Write Workshops I designed with 2020 and 2021 in mind.

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Writing Labs

If you’re thinking about joining a Writing Salon but time is tight, six weeks seems like a lot, and you’d like to see what I’m like to work with before committing to all that writing, sign up for a lab!


Join a small group of people who gather online
to practice the art of journaling as an act of self-care. 

Journaling separately together can be surprisingly comforting, life-affirming, and reassuring – even online.

Pen To Page is a popular first step on your writing journey and a wonderful way to begin reconnecting with creativity. The inspiration that was dormant and elusive for many writers and creatives in 2020 can be recovered with this practice.

Pen To Page also incredibly valuable for those who have a regular creative habit and want to take their writing to deeper levels, as well as for those who have been experiencing overwhelm and may be blocked by the existential crises of current events.

Newbies and life-long journalers welcome.

Mondays in December 2020: 700-800am
 Monday mornings in January 2021: 800-900am
Monday evenings in January 2021: 800-900pm

Zoom meeting ID + password provided with payment

single session: $7

4 sessions: $25

12 sessions: $70


Writing fiction requires imagination,
but writing personal narrative requires courage.

How brave are you?

I promise it’s not that scary.
It might even be a lot of fun.

There’s an art to shaping your thoughts, feelings, and memories into entertaining, meaningful, and inspiring stories. Whether you share or keep them to yourself, if you’re into it, why not take a chance on writing what’s real? 

Find the humor, the human, the poignant, the struggle, and the silly in your life experiences through playful exploration. 

We begin with a selection of Magic Words, set personal boundaries around what we’re willing too share and how deep we’d like to go, and I hold the space for you to explore within your comfort zone — unless and until you would like to expand beyond that point.

This workshop is about taking a risk with your writing.
You will not be pushed into taking a risk with your privacy and you will not be asked to take a risk with your mental or emotional health.

Risk is a writing workshop only, and is designed to be playful and lighthearted; Risk is not therapy.

January 15, 2021: 

Zoom meeting ID + password provided with payment


Part I: Non-fiction | Part II: Fiction
We begin with personal narrative and dig down to find two truths in your experience, the human and the universal. Then, we take your two truths and explore exciting ways to use them in fiction.

Catch a glimpse of what you can do with your imagination.

January 22, 2021
Part I: 100-230pm
Part II: 300-430pm
Zoom meeting ID + password provided with payment


Does your story have legs?
Can you develop an idea into a plot in just a few hours?

Let’s take your story on a fast flight around Freytag’s Pyramid to find out. It’s a whirlwind adventure that answers some questions, asks a bunch of new ones, and yet somehow ends in clarity and possibility.

Your imagination is waiting for you to begin.

February 6, 2021

Zoom meeting ID + password provided with payment

Make It Happen Workshops

Every now and then, you need some inspiration, motivation, and accountability to get a thing done. It takes a plan to bring an idea to life, spin a dream into reality, and just make it happen.Working a plan takes focus, support, and encouragement. That’s what you get when you join one of the Make It Happen workshops.


3 hours in two 90-minute sessions.

When you’re pretty sure you’re ready to go but you want to make sure your plan is solid,
work out the kinks ahead of time, and strategize your approach to getting it done,
this workshop is just what you need.
The October sessions are ideal for writers who are eager to create the rough outline
of a new book for NaNoWriMo and January sessions are ideal for writers who
have a book in progress and just need some help with the plot.

Part IReturning in 2021 and Part IIReturning in 2021

Zoom meeting ID + password provided with payment


30 days, four weekly online group sessions, and membership in a private Facebook accountability group.

The MEG is an opportunity to prioritize one project or intention in your life and make serious, stunning progress.

I take you from someday to today, from I will to I am, and from I wonder if I can to look what I did.

90-minute group coaching sessions in January: FULL*
130-300pm Mondays

Intimate group size to foster individual attention: Max membership: 4
Participation requires a free consultation call to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

Now is the time to commit to your Month of Extraordinary Goals.

*Accepting applications for February and March.

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3 weeks to prepare, 3 months to post, 15 weekly 90-minute sessions.

This group is for people like you who have brilliant ideas, an excellent plan, a handful of rough drafts,
and some kind of block preventing you from just making it happen already.

This workshop begins with identifying personal blocks and moving them
aside so we can make your brand new blog a reality.

Informational Meeting RETURNING IN SEPTEMBER, 2021
How it works: The first few weeks are for gearing up.
This is when we define the parameters of your blog,
identify the obstacles that have prevented you from making a solid start,
map out a plan that works for you, and begin writing.

Expect homework.

In January, you figure things out and get your blog ready. $45 for January.
In February, you start posting to your blog and share it with the private group. $225 for February.
In March, you continue posting to your blog and share it with my writing community, To Live & Write. $225 for March. 
In April, you continue posting to your blog, share it with To Live & Write, and share it three additional places online. $225 for April.

Every time you post to your blog, I pay you back $25 (up to 6 times per month, February-April)
That’s $450 back in your pocket in three months.

Why? Because I want you to succeed. Your success increases my success.
BONUS: Every time you read and comment on the blog post of another member of the group, 
I pay you back $2 (one comment per blog post, February-April).
… And this increases everyone else’s success.

All four months required

January 8 – April 23
1200-130pm Fridays
Prepay: $645

Payment plan:
$45 January 1, 2021
$200 February 1, 2021
$200 March 1, 2021
$200 April 1, 2021

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Live & Thrive Workshops

It’s 2020.
Do you really need any other reason than “it’s 2020” to sign up for a workshop designed specifially to help you handle change, uncertainty, distance learning, distance from loved ones, and having all your plans put on hold for some indefinite period of time?

It’s 2020.

Sign up for something good.


Embark on a life-affirming and potentially life changing journey with a small group of people who share your desire to reconnect with creativity and open their lives to possibility.

Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way has been a guide and a gift for writers + creatives for more than 25 years.

But it’s hard to get through on your own, and so much more fun + engaging to do with others.

So join us! This group is here to support you every step of the way.

Bonus: This 14-week commitment has been timed to get you through the long winter months of transition. We meet online on Zoom each week to share progress, insights, thoughts, and revelations. 

Week 1: Meet + greet. Set expectations, discuss intentions, and connect to this goal and each other.
Weeks 2-13: Do the work. Make our way through the book + workbook together, step by step.
Week 14: Follow-up session. How will we continue to explore + celebrate creativity in our lives as we move forward?

Prerequisites: One 15-minute Zoom session to get to know each other and to make sure you and I are a good fit. Your own copy of The Artist’s Way Workbook. Recommended but not required: The Artist’s Way If you have already been through a course of The Artist’s Way and would like to revisit this powerful process and its unfolding in a different format, join The Artist’s Way Writing Salon.

Tuesdays, February 2 – May 11: 700-830pm

Zoom meeting ID + password provided with payment

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In this workshop, we lean into the lessons of the past to inform the present for the sake of the future.

If you are looking ahead to the 2020 holiday season and the New Year with uncertainty, dread,
overwhelm, or a sense of loss or being lost, you are not alone.

In the midst of change, it helps to know you still have choices, and that you can be in control of your experience.

You have already learned more and done more in your life than you might appreciate, and you are more resourceful than you think.

Let’s figure out how you have always been amazing – because you have, even if you don’t know it yet – and use that to build a bridge to an even more fulfilling life—unwanted change be damned. 

Begin with a 15-minute get-to-know-you Zoom session with me. Space is limited to four at a time, so book now.

Part I: Friday, December 4: 500-630pm
Part II: Friday, December 11: 630-800pm


Part I: Thursday, December 10: 500-630pm
Part II: Friday, December 11: 500-630pm

Part I: Thursday January 7: 130-300pm
Part II: Thursdayday, January 14: 130-300pm
$75 Zoom meeting ID + password provided with payment 

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This workshop leans into the present to tune into and turn up inner strengths and hard-won skills to empower the future.

Who you are now is pretty freaking great, whether you see it or need a better lens for looking at yourself.

You are living in a unique period in history, managing change, adapting, making mistakes, and failing forward into success–even if it doesn’t feel like it most days. 

You are not the same person you were at the end of 2019.

Let’s embrace who you are now, deep into 2020, and the skills and resources you have developed that will be yours to own forever. Begin with a 15-minute Zoom session with me. Space is limited to four at a time, so book now.

Your strengths, your wisdom, and how you navigate the now is the key to a satisfying and successful later.

Saturday, December 5



Friday, December 18


Friday, January 1


Zoom meeting ID + password provided with payment 

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This workshop borrows from the past and present to lean into a future of possibility with confidence and clarity.

Clarity is so important!

Clarity gives you confidence and levels the playing field, whether you’re interviewing for a new job, raising a teenager, setting boundaries in a relationship, buying a car, wrapping your life around distance learning, creating time for writing + creativity, or organizing your thoughts to bringing new love into your life.

Let’s figure out what it is you really want and how to ask for it. Begin with a 15-minute Zoom session with me. Space is limited to four at a time, so book now.

Why? So you can move through the rest of 2020 and into whatever comes next with confidence and maybe, possibly, joy.

That, after all, is the first step to manifesting your needs and desires.

Sunday, December 27



Saturday, January 2


Mon-Weds, January 4 – January 6


Zoom meeting ID + password provided with payment

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Basic Bronwyn VISION BOARD Workshop

How on Earth do you do a Vision Board workshop on Zoom?!?
As with everything else in 2020, it’s all about the pivot.

This year’s Vision Board workshop is pretty much the same as every year, only this time we meet on Zoom and you provide your own scissors, glue, and magazines. If you’re in Alameda, I’m willing to deliver glue and posterboard to you at home.

Bonus: This time you get to have any snacks you want — because you’re going to bring your faves to your own desk, table, counter, or floor at home (wherever you end up doing your vision board). Bring wine! Bring hot cocoa! Bring your cat!

Dress up or wear your jammies. I will probably do full make-up, half-hearted hair, and no-efffort outfit. You do you.

We’ll pull from The Magic Box of Words like always and wrap up with the Important Letter. But this year, we’re going to do a couple of new coaching exercises. Because 2020. Need I say more?

Sunday, December 20: 1000am-200pm

Zoom meeting ID + password provided with payment