Do Something Today: Join a Virtual Write Along

Do Something Today: Join a Virtual Write Along

A decent coaching session takes about an hour, 90 minutes if we’re digging deep. Sometimes, though, you just need a quick tip and a reminder that you’re not alone to get you back on track.This one is only scary until you try it once; our group of writers is friendly, welcoming, and supportive.

My writing community, To Live & Write … Wherever You Are, began life as To Live & Write in Alameda because that title described what the majority of members did: We lived and we wrote in Alameda, a small island city in the San Francisco Bay area.

But the group grew because it was more than that. We also met to write and talk about writing in different coffee shops in Alameda. We built connections and forged friendships around tables of all size and shape.

We reinforced the magic of kindness and generosity of spirit over snark and competition. We drank coffee and broke bread together and we became addicted to the magic that happens when creatives come together to embrace and build each other up.

And we got a lot of writing done. It never fails to surprise people sitting around the table that they get more done or figured out in their writing when we write individually together in a group setting.

When shelter-in-place slammed the doors shut on public meetings in real life, we pivoted. We turned to Zoom and meeting together online. We still drink coffee, break bread, support each other, and get a surprising amount of writing done.

I changed the name of the group to make it clear that you can be anywhere — Spain, Singapore, Michigan, LA, Sacramento, and wherever you are — and know without having to ask that you are welcome to join our online Write Alongs, Discussion Groups, Proof of Writes, and any of my Writing Salons, Workshops, Retreats, and Labs that look interesting.

Why? Because human connection is especially important right now and creatives around the world have been struggling with inspiration, motivation, and accountability.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what I specialize in. The events & activities I design for members of To Live & Write … Wherever You Are will always be free. The Writing Salons, workshops, retreats, and labs I design for clients and writers + creatives everywhere will always be offered at a special price for members.