Welcome to reconnecting with your creativity.

Where has it been?

Has it been missing?

Was it taken,

or did you let it go?

Has it been hiding?

Waiting on a shelf until you can get to it?

Wherever its been and for whatever reasons you have been estranged, welcome home. Now is the perfect time to reunite with that part of you that yearns to create, to express, to manifest something out of nothing. You deserve the pleasure of self-expression and the benefits of a good life.

My philosophy is simple: We have to live to have anything worth writing about, and we have to write to have a life worth living.

That's why I formed and continue to nurture To Live And Write, a writing community online and in real life, where my focus is on giving members all kinds of opportunities and excuses to be writers and to own that identity.

Five years and 500+ members later, I've figured out a few things about the creative spirit, the creative habit, and the rewards of embracing creativity in your life. I look forward to finding out how to help you discover these joys for yourself.

Do you agree that creative expression is the key to a life worth living?

If you're thinking, "if only ..." you've come to the right place. You are not alone.

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • If only ... I had the time.
  • If only ... I had some encouragement.
  • If only ... I knew where to begin.
  • If only ... I had a place to write without interruption.
  • If only ... I could trust myself to finish what I started.
  • If only ... my family understood.
  • If only ... I could get everything else off my plate first.
  • If only ... I could believe in myself; who am I to think I can write?
  • If only ... I had the resources to make it happen.
  • If only ... I could be sure other people would like what I write.

Let's look at the "if only ..." that keeps you stuck and discover together how to get you what you want.

My clients and members of To Live and Write and the corresponding Facebook group, To Live and Write in Alameda, run the gamut from those who write for a hobby to those who write for a living--from beginners to award winners and beyond. Every point from one end of that spectrum to the other is exciting to me, and I'm here to celebrate and facilitate your progress as you make it. I am less concerned about your experience and credentials than I am about your eagerness to engage.

I call myself a writing and creativity coach because I've discovered, over and over, that no one person is just one thing. Writing often opens the door to a million other avenues for self-expression, from painting, gardening, and photography to singing, dancing, and weaving.

When you choose to reconnect with your creativity and give it the love and attention it deserves, your creativity will reward you with a veritable smorgasbord of ideas to feed your soul.

  • What if ... you were on the threshold, in this moment, between what is and what could be?
  • What if ... the first step over the threshold placed you on a journey of self-discovery and a life of abundance and joy?
  • What if ... connecting with a coach who has been where you are now and believes in the beauty and power of creativity could help you get what you want?

Take your first step.
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