Prompt #77: Finished & Kindness

Prompt #77: Finished & Kindness

Hello Writers and Journalers,

Today’s two-word prompt is Finished and Kindness. What is kindness to you? How does it show up in your life? How do you express it? How do you receive it?

Is there an abundance of kindness in your life that you’re going to spend some time being aware of, and reminding yourself of, and figure out that this is a life-affirming thing to think about?

Or is kindness something you want more of? You feel sort of like there’s a lack of kindness in your life? How do you bring that into your life?

Are you ever finished with kindness? Are you ever done with receiving kindness? Is it really possible to be done with giving kindness, even when you’re frustrated?

I think kindness is a basic human interaction, a basic human need. There’s always something good that happens when you’re kind.