Prompt #78: Awake & Wiggle

Prompt #78: Awake & Wiggle

Hello Writers and Journalers,

Today’s two-word prompt is Awake and Wiggle. We’ve had wiggle before, but it was paired with deflate, so we talked about the fun of wiggling and would you let anyone deflate your joy?

This time, let’s think about awake and wiggle …

The first thing that comes to mind for me is wiggling my toes and my fingers, my extremities, when I stretch in the morning, when I first wake up in bed.

I have a cat who teaches me the value of stretching consistently, constantly, all the time. But I get to wiggle when I stretch because I have fingers and toes that he doesn’t have, that he can wiggle.

I don’t know if that’s something you would put in your journal – how you get to wiggle parts of your body when you wake up – but it makes me giggle to think about.

It holds true, though. Wiggling is fun.

When you wake up, why not start the day with fun? You’re worth it.