Prompt #76: Precise & Harmony

Prompt #76: Precise & Harmony

Hello Writers and Journalers,

Today’s two-word prompt is Precise and Harmony. I woke up with what I hope is a tension headache and what I dread is a migraine. If you feel like I feel today, get off social media and go to sleep. Let your body recover.

If you don’t feel like I feel today, turn to your journal and spend 15 minutes, 45 minutes, whatever is right for you, handwriting three pages.

The bigger the journal pages, the better this is for you, but you can use a small journal if you want. a lot of people do.

The point is to engage with yourself, to give yourself plenty of room, plenty of space to explore what precise and harmony mean to you. And to see if there are any thoughts or feelings or memories that come up with this word pairing.

And if there aren’t any existing thoughts, make up some new ones. Be creative. Have a good time with it.