Prompt #72: Cheat + Heavy-Handed

Prompt #72: Cheat + Heavy-Handed

Hello Writers and Journalers,

Today’s two-word prompt is another one of those three-word combos that count as two words: Cheat and Heavy-Handed.

So. How do you approach this prompt? Is the act of cheating – in a game, in a relationship, on your taxes, whatever – is that heavy-handed? Or would you like the consequences of cheating, of being cheated on, or someone else winning a game because they cheated, would you like the consequences to be heavy-handed?

Now, personally, having been cheated on in the past, I fantasize about heavy-handed consequences for cheaters. In fact, I might actually be writing murder mysteries that are based on heavy-handed consequences cheaters here and there.

Regardless of what I do, you get to go through this process and decide how you feel about cheating in whatever realm of life cheating irks you. You’re worth it.