Write by the Lake ~ September 2022 ~ FULL

Get the third night free if you apply now and pay in full by August 31, 2022*


*When your application has been reviewed and accepted, I will notify you and send a payment link using the email you list on the application form. Applications received by August 31 will be eligible for the third night free, if paid within 24 hours of notification. The third night free brings the private room price to $450 for the master suite and $350 for one of the two remaining rooms. If you are open to sharing, that $350 drops to $200. These prices are for two nights accommodation per person. The retreat fee remains $349.

Imagine yourself writing in the company of other writers, 
each of you purposefully and peacefully adding words to your work in progress (WIP), free of interruption and able to concentrate on your story.

What could you do, what could you write,
if you could just get away from the day-to-day, just for a few days, without chores or children or well-meaning partners to distract you?

Picture yourself crafting scenes and weaving story
between dips in the cool waters of Clear Lake and long walks around its shore, getting to know your fellow retreaters, and making more significant progress on your book — or blog — or short story collection — than you thought possible, bolstered by the support and encouragement of a group of writers who are also 100% engaged in this writing getaway.

How would that feel?

Your coach (hey, that’s me!) is there to provide structure, prompts, and pacing throughout the retreat and keeps you on track with goal-spotting, check-ins, and private sessions (on request).

Writing perches include deck chairs, lounge chairs, dining chairs. Kitchen stools, living room sofas, game room couches, the bed you slept in. Miscellaneous rugs, stairs, the hot tub, big rocks in the sun, small logs in the shade, and just about anywhere else you can sit with your laptop or notebook and let inspiration fly across the page.

Private sessions can take place in any of the above writing spaces, dangling our feet off the dock over the lake, walking the shore, or preparing meals together.

You don’t have to be writing a novel to Write by the Lake with us this September, but you do have to engage the drive to ignore your inner editor and power through extraordinary word count goals if you want to get the most out of this 4-day retreat.

For writers itching to do some generative work on new projects, your coach (hi, it’s me agian!) can pull from any number of writing labs and workshops to design a personalized retreat within the retreat, just for you.

How would it feel to spend hours upon hours writing, surrounded by a friendly group of writers and poets who get you? We get what it means to have a story inside that has to come out and we get what it means to have work, family, and a million other obligations and responsibilities vying for priority over writing.

We also know what it means to be able to carve out time and space to fully immerse yourself in doing what you love.
Join us in Clear Lake.
Write to your heart’s content this summer.
You know you want to.


Hesitant? Pop into the meet-and-greet Zoom for newbies like you, hosted a few nights before we leave for the retreat.

Really hesitant? Before you pay, your coach (still me!) will happily pair you up with a repeat-retreater who can tell you about their experiences and what to expect at Write by the Lake 2022.
Be prepared to share proof of vaccination and proof of a negative Covid test (day of), as well as your favorite masks, because only the vaxxed and masked will be able to attend this retreat. Mask restrictions vary from state to state and county to county, so a willingness to have a mask on hand and a readiness to wear it when asked is essentialBut leave the perfumes, fragrant lotions, and essential oils at home, please. We have writers who suffer from fragrance-triggered migraines and allergies among us.
The Write by the Lake price includes:
 – group writing activities and discussions
– workshopping the specific challenge(s) your project presents (optional),
– individualized attention / one-on-one coaching
goal setting, tracking, and accountability to pull you through your project
– time to write or dream on your own
– opportunities to share your work with the group
– opportunities to make deep and meaningful connections with other writers
– the chance to write in a lovely big house right on Clear Lake, CA.
– membership in a secret Facebook group
– first-come, first-served early opportunities to join future retreats
The Write by the Lake price does NOT include:
– travel to or from the retreat
– food and/or beverages

The nonrefundable but fully transferable fee is required in full by September 1, 2022. I regret that as a solopreneur I am unable to refund any part of the retreat–but if you can’t make it, you may sell or gift your place in the retreat to another writer, use it as credit for coaching or future workshops, or have me hold onto it for the next retreat.
This retreat is limited to eight writers so I can provide a strong level of individual attention and facilitate connection and support among participants.


Retreat Schedule:

Check In: 

Evening Meal: 700pm, together in the dining room, followed by general discussion and socializing.

Saturday & Sunday:

Morning Meeting:
800am, together where we choose, featuring an outline of the day and individual goal / intention setting. It’s okay to eat breakfast and drink tea or coffee at the Morning Meeting, but food and drink prep are not allowed during the meeting.

Morning Session: 900am-100pm, featuring timed focus blocks, pacing, goal-spotting, private sessions, and/or part 1 of a requested writing lab.

Midday Break: 100-300pm. You can eat lunch before, during, or after this window, and you can keep writing if you’re on a roll, but the coach (me) needs (I do) to take a break for a couple of hours.

Afternoon Session: 300-600pm, featuring a mix of independent writing for those who want it and individual attention and follow-up with those who need / request it.

Evening Break: 600-700pm, featuring a chance to relax, prep your dinner, go for a walk, read, chat about non-writing things with other retreaters, or whatever takes your fancy.

Evening Meal: 
700pm, together in the dining room, followed by Proof of Write and socializing.

Quiet House:
1100pm, all three nights.
(sleeping areas of the house might go quiet earlier)


Morning Meeting: 800am, featuring the checklist for leaving the house, followed by independent writing.
Check Out: 1100am.

Retreat Fee: $349

The retreat fee is the coach’s fee. The retreat fee does not include travel, accommodations, food, or beverages. 



single occupancy

  • Private Room
  • Choices:
  • Bedroom 2 = 1 Queen Bed
  • Bedroom 3 = 1 Queen Bed
  • Bedroom 4 = 2 Double Beds
  • (Option to share for lower price if house is full)
  • Bedroom 5 = 4 Bunk Beds
  • (Option to share for lower price if house is full)
  • First Come, First Served
Master sutie



  • Private Room
  • King Size Bed
  • Private Bathroom
  • Private Deck Access