Camp MEG

A Make It Happen Summer Camp
 for Writers + Creatives
Who Have Enrolled in
 The Months of Extraordinary Goals

This Summer of 2021 Camp MEG:

A Celebration of Inspiration & Motivation

stands for The Month/s of Extraordinary Goals.
Camp MEG runs for eight weeks. If you’re looking for a 30-day MEG or 3-month Club MEG, they will return in September. Meanwhile, here is your ticket to a summer writing adventure.

Hello, Writer. The golden days of summer were made for adventure!

Last year was rough.

This year, I invite you to escape into the land of your imagination.

Immerse yourself in the role of the writer who writes.

8 weeks of personalized idea generation,
goal mapping, accountability, and virtual cartwheels
Discounts on future MEGs for life

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Camp MEG!

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Are you feeling stuck creatively?

Do you find yourself staring at the ashes of your motivation, wondering how to rekindle the fire that was doused by the existential crises of 2020?

Has your creativity begun to tingle once again, but you’re not quite sure how to work it back into your life as a regular, self-sustaining habit?

Do you long for the days when you could dive into your story, your artwork, your garden, or your novel and forget to come up for air – let alone food and water – because creativity was feeding into every single insatiable cell in your body, and my lord how delicious was that?!?

Do you want that back?

Sign up for camp.

Weekly 90-minute Zoom group coaching sessions
Mid-week interactive Facebook group check-ins
Five private 30-minute 1:1 coaching sessions
Three full-day Mini-Retreats

and a whole bunch more

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Quite literally: sign up for camp.

Sign up for the Camp MEG. Part boot camp, part playful get-away from the every-day, Camp MEG promises to take you on a sun-filled writing adventure.

Sign up now to be part of a camp that has been designed specifically to stir your creative embers back into life and to fan the flames that burn in your soul. You know the ones—they light you up from the inside, driving you to put yourself out there, make things happen, and get things done.

Remember that feeling? The flame, the zone, the flow? Creativity zapping and popping through your fingertips, purpose energizing your thoughts and feelings, and small achievements mounting one on the other until you step back and realize you have done something big?

You can have that back.

In my summer camp, you can get your inspiration + motivation back.

~ AND ~
You can develop
creative habits
that last a lifetime
in 8 short weeks!

Camp MEG 2021: June 21 – August 15: $420

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But what if you’re
not stuck?
What if you are
far from it?

What if you have plans?!?

Are you finding yourself inspired by the forward momentum of 2021, eagerly facing a challenging deadline, or already burning with excitement to complete a project that really matters to you? That’s AWEsome!!!

Sign up for camp!

If you’re ready to level-up your writing, set new goals, and challenge yourself to meet them, this summer’s Camp MEG is also for you!

Do you have a book to finish? Agents to query? Is your blog just about ready to launch? Maybe you have a handful of articles to submit to a list of online publications and holy wow would it be a lot more fun to make this happen with a bunch of other writers & creatives cheering you on.

Are you stoked for summer?!?

If you’re ready to begin and you’re serious about achieving something real this summer, sign up for Camp MEG.

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This summer’s Camp MEG piece by piece

what you get
for investing in your writing goals

WAIT. Hold up.

That’s a $1700+ value
and discounts for life for
just $420?

What gives?

What gives? I give.
This is me putting some skin in the game.
Consider this $420 price-tag a gift and a good sign of things to come in 2021.

My goal is to fill this summer’s Camp MEG with as many writers & creatives as possible.

Why? For your sake and for mine. The magic we make when we writers & creatives meet and connect is breathtaking. Life-affirming. Awe-inspiring. It fills me with wonder and stimulates my own creativity every time. This magic shows up over and over in my writing labs, workshops, retreats, and salons because of who’s in each one; writers & creatives spark each other into greatness beyond expectations.

I think we could all use that after the year+ we had, amiright?
To make space for a full and thriving Camp MEG, I decided to make it as financially accessible as possible to as many writers & creatives as possible. Consider this price a gift and a good sign of things to come in 2021. 

2020 taught us something real 
We need each other.

We need to connect. We need to belong. We need other people to look forward to sharing time and ideas and stories with. We need feedback. We need people to bounce ideas off, celebrate with, commiserate with, and to give us a reason to get up, get online, and get busy with life, regardless of constraints imposed on us by circumstances beyond our control.

Membership in a Camp MEG comes with membership in a private, ongoing Facebook group. Within this group, fellow writers + creatives give and receive support, encouragement, information, insight, wisdom, and humor. Sound too good to be true? I have a winning formula for fostering connection and nurturing joyful productivity–it’s my brand.

We highlight effort and achievement in Camp MEGs. We applaud you for joining us, for being brave enough to tell us what you want to achieve, and for following through on your commitment to yourself in the middle of everything else going on in your life and the world at large.

We need people.

Sign up for camp.
I made it just for you.

Hello, Writer. I’m your friendly neighborhood writing & creativity coach, Bronwyn. It’s my job to nurture your creative identity and to find ways to fan that flame of inspiration again.

I have been mentoring writers off and on for almost 20 years. In 2014 I established a writing community in the San Francisco Bay Area recently renamed To Live & Write … Wherever You Are to embrace the 2020 pivot to online group events + activities.

I work 1:1 with clients who, just like you, have struggled to find time, space, and energy for their own writing & creativity in the middle of a pandemic characterized by sheltering in place, social distancing, online teaching and learning, social awakening and activism, politics, and murder hornets, among other things.

Re-emerging from all of that to what comes next could feel overwhelming without a group like Camp MEG to lift you up and keep you focused.

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Camp MEG
It’s the same old MEG you know + love
rebranded for 2021

I specialize in inspiration + motivation. Over the years, I have designed and produced dozens of writing labs, workshops, retreats, and salons. Every year since 2014, I have hosted, co-hosted, and produced countless lit nights, open mics, write-ins, discussions, and other events and activities out in the world. Then 2020 came along and guess what? I found a way to keep a lot of it going, thanks entirely to the inspiration, motivation, and very real support from the wonderful members of my writing community–many of whom have made The MEG journey themselves, some more than once.

In 2020, The MEG was a 30-day journey. At the end of each MEG, though, about 60% of the group wanted to continue for a second and third month (two groups kept recommitting for five months and one is on its seventh), so this year I’ve designed Club MEGs with 3-month commitments that coincide with an entire season and the Camp MEG that sits nicely between the last and first days of school in our area.

You can still take it 30 days at a time, to make sure it’s right for you. Email me to find out how.

This summer’s Camp MEG is the 2021 rebrand of The MEG, because being a part of The MEG is very much like being in a club or having fun at camp, where we, as writers + creatives, know what it takes to build a life around writing & creativity. We appreciate the work behind the craft and the craft behind the story.

Okay … but what is Camp MEG in action? Why do you want it?

In three words: Inspiration, Motivation, & Accountability. 

In another three words: Support, Encouragement, & Cartwheels.

This summer’s Camp MEG grew straight from my desire to meet the needs of many of the writers & creatives in my writing community, To Live & Write … Wherever You Are. It’s one thing to write every day and enjoy the achievement of having established a creative habit. It’s another thing entirely to know what to do next with yourself and your writing.

Camp MEG is a great place to ask that question. What can I do next? Where do I share my work? How do I make this happen? The best part of membership in Camp MEG is the way your fellow writers & creatives are ready to engage with you, to let you bounce ideas off them, to make suggestions, to lend advice, and to borrow some back.

I have a very special place in my heart for The Month/s of Extraordinary Goals (The MEG) and especially for the writers & creatives who have stretched themselves with these 30-day, 3-month, and now 8-week goal spotting challenges.
Every group is different, but the tools remain the same—because they work. I use the coaching exercises on myself when I need to reconnect with my creativity or kickstart the drive to get something done. However, I find it far more rewarding to foster exciting results in others so I can watch their magic ignite and light up the world.

Is the sum of the parts greater than the whole?
Find out for yourself. Sign up for Camp MEG.

Camp MEG is a non-competitive but motivating, organized but organic, structured but casual 8-week journey towards meeting your individual goals. Inside Camp MEG, individual writers & creatives set their own extraordinary goals, whether that looks like adding word count, querying agents, launching a blog, or something entirely different.

We begin by defining your goal. What do you want to achieve by the end of camp? Then, we look at reality. Does your goal make sense with your life? Where do you need to make adjustments in order to succeed (and sleep): in your goal or your life or both?

We create your life-size map, unfurl it, step in and start the journey.

Sign up for Camp MEG

I want a seat at the table before it fills up.

Sign me up right now!

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1. Click the button below to sign up.

You will be able to choose three different ways to hold your spot, including a request to chat with me for more info.

2. Accept my friend request on Facebook so I can bring you into the private Camp MEG group as soon as it opens in June. 

3. Add the following to your calendar:
(all dates & times are PST)

–> The weekly online group coaching sessions: 600-730pm Mondays, June 21 – August 16
–> The interactive Facebook group check-ins: Fridays, June 18 – August – 13
–> Five 30-minute 1:1 coaching sessions (TBD), one in the final week of camp
–> 1st Mini-Retreat: June 19: 900am-900pm
–> 2nd Mini-Retreat: July 17: 900am-900pm
–> 3rd Mini-Retreat: August 14: 900am-900pm

4. Enjoy meeting other Club MEG members in the private Facebook group. Start talking about your goals; this is real; this is happening. Yay for you!

5. Bring a notebook, pen, pencil, and a handful of colored pens or pencils to our first online group coaching session. Download Zoom beforehand; I will send the link and share it in the Facebook group June 18,

Remember: Camp MEG is a safe space. You and your dreams are welcome. Your thoughtful behavior helps to nurture and protect the safety of this space, honors the dreams of the other Camp MEG members, and shows respect for everyone’s privacy + expectations of confidentiality.

Violations of trust and mutual respect will be met with removal from Camp MEG. 

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The price for Club MEG is about a quarter of the value of the sum of its parts.

Payment plans available. 

As a solopreneur, I am not in a position to refund any portion of your Camp MEG fee. However, if necessary, I can give you credit for my future labs, workshops, retreats, or writing salons.

The only exception to this rule is based on my zero-tolerance policy for abusive, manipulative, or other disruptive or upsetting behavior. If you are asked to leave, I will refund the balance of your fees (prorated based on when you leave) on your way out.

Please go over the schedule carefully to make sure you can attend the online sessions. This summer’s Camp MEG meets on Zoom on Mondays, 600-730pm PST. You will miss the foundational work of connecting to your goals if you miss the Monday sessions. Mid-week check-ins in the Facebook group are check-ins only; they are not make-up sessions for missed Mondays.

this sounds reasonable to me and i would like to sign up right now.