Writing Salons

Featuring two live sessions each week,

one for writing and one for sharing,

these six-week Writing Salons are a great way to exercise your storytelling skills, play with new writing techniques, intrigue us with your imagination, and develop your portfolio. The first session of the week is designed to stimulate story and play with ideas. You take your rough beginning and work on it for a few days, then we gather again to share the results with each other on Sunday nights.

Sunday Salons
are where all writers and poets from concurrent salons come together to read samples of work in progress — some for the pleasure of giving their words audience, some for positive feedback, and some for critique.

You might even walk away with the framework for a new novel, a collection of scenes featuring a compelling new character or a handful of short stories or poems to read at an open mic or lit night.


630-800pm Wednesdays & 800pm Sundays
11/25 – 12/30 

A playful way to up the ante in your storytelling while testing your ability to think on the fly and break through the hesitation barrier to writing compelling scenes. Prove to yourself that you can push your story into new possibilities, swing your character in different directions, and reshape your world building in the blink of an eye. Where you take your story might surprise you, and how cool would that be? 

Fast-paced fun fiction. Prompts, writing sprints.

Wednesdays are for writing; Sundays are for sharing. $225



130-300pm Thursdays & 800pm Sundays
12/3/20 – 1/14/21 (except 12/10)

Create a new story component then hand it over to a fellow writer to play with. Did you show it well? Tell it well? Will the next writer be able to integrate your invention into their story? Will you be able to work with theirs? This is subtext at work.

Inventive fiction, building story component skills. Prompts, exercises, writing sprints.

Thursdays are for writing; Sundays are for sharing. $225



630-800pm Mondays & 800pm Sundays
12/7 – 1/17

Writing the really hard, the ugly, the angry, the crazy-making, and the sad. Get it out in a safe, judgment-free zone where you get to tell it like it is, no holding back to be polite. Make your storytelling more compelling by practicing emotional truth. 

Honest personal narrative. Fiction development optional. Prompts, writing sprints.

Mondays are for writing; Sundays are for sharing. $225



430-600pm Sundays & 800pm Sundays
12/20/21 – 1/24/21

Spark your imagination with fun rounds of Show & Tell while you practice the art of show vs. tell. Using prompts that are unique to you and the writers in your group, you get to tell your own story or make one up, and then you get to hear what really happened.

Personal narrative & inventive fiction. Prompts, writing sprints.

Sunday afternoons are for writing; Sunday nights are for sharing. $225



630-800pm Mondays & 800pm Sunday
2/1/21 – 3//821 

You got up to some fun shenanigans in your day. Could your character handle your past in their world? Could you handle someone else’s past? Let’s find out.

Slightly scandalous fiction. Personal narrative optional. Prompts, writing sprints. Constructive feedback optional.

Mondays are for writing; Sundays are for sharing. $375


130-300pm Thursdays & 800pm Sunday
2/4/21 – 3/11/21 

Getting from here to there in your story, without making it awkward.
Jumping time and tense, beginning a scene and leaving it, shifting POVs, and more.

Personal narrative & inventive fiction. Prompts, exercises, writing sprints. Constructive feedback optional. Fridays are for writing; Sundays are for sharing. $375


130-300pm Fridays & 800pm Sundays
2/5/21 – 3/14/21 

You are more daring than you know. Real talk writing in a safe space, where you choose to go deeper with a truth or a dare, remaining open to reaching authentic emotional experience.

Heavy personal narrative. Fiction development optional. Prompts, writing sprints. Constructive feedback optional.

Mondays are for writing; Sundays are for sharing. $375



1030am-Noon Saturdays & 8pm Sundays
2/6/21 – 3/13/21 (excludes 2/20/21)

Build a strategy for writing your book, from the kernel of an idea to a workable outline. Plot, story arc, and the practice of writing. Gather the parts for your novel and take them with you right into NaNoWriMo 2020.

Prompts, exercises, writing sprints with a focus on preparation. Works for fiction, non-fiction, & memoir. Constructive feedback optional.

Thursdays are for writing; Sundays are for sharing. $375


630-800pm Wednesdays & 800pm Sundays
9/30 – 11/8
Writing the truth then turning it into a story no one saw coming, especially you. Practice taking suggestions and direction from others just for the fun of stretching your imagination in unfamiliar directions. This is an excellent way to shake free of creative cobwebs.

Personal narrative & inventive fiction. Fast-paced. Prompts, writing sprints. Constructive feedback optional.  

Wednesdays are for writing; Sundays are for sharing. $375

The ARTIST’S WAY ~ Deep Dive ~ 12 sessions in 6 months

Wednesday, January 6 2021 through Sunday, June 27, 2021

700-830pm on the 2nd + 4th Wednesday of the month
800pm on the corresponding Sundays

For those who have completed an entire course of The Artist’s Way, this 12-week salon revisits each week’s theme with a deep dive into meaning, memory, thought, and feeling. The object is to create authentic personal narrative that resonates with readers, taking them with you to new depths. 

We take our time in each weekly session, complete each piece during the week, and return to share on Sunday nights.  

Wednesdays are for writing; Sundays are for sharing. $575 Prerequisites: You must have completed The Artist’s Way process at some point in the past 5 years and own a copy of The Artist’s Way Workbook. Since we will be on this journey together for 12 weeks, I require a 15-minute get-to-know-you Zoom session ahead of time to make sure we’re a good fit. 


book my get-to-know-you zoom session

Poetry! MASH UPS!

130-300pm Sundays & 800pm Sundays
9/20 – 10/25
Guest instructor Paul Corman-Roberts

Great tastes that taste great together, week by week:
1. Chocolate
2. Peanut Butter
3. Happy Accidents
4. You Got Your Chocolate In My Peanut Butter
5. You Got Your Peanut Butter In My Chocolate, and
6. Tastes Great Together.

Close reading prompted generative writings combined with hybrid prompts.

Sunday afternoons are for writing; Sunday nights are for sharing. $225