Two Truths & A Lie

Part I: Writing non-fiction (truth) | Part II: Writing fiction (lie)

Two Truths and a Lie is an exercise in improvisation. It starts when the clock starts ticking and ends up who knows where. Finding one’s truth or a fable along the way is the reward… It’s quick, more fun than expected and leaves stories in your notebook for future writings. I’m coming back for more.”
–John McNulty

In Part I, we dare you to tell the truth with us, to gently explore the complex ideas and simple stories that make up your self, and to visit or revisit what is truly interesting and maybe a little daring about you. Saturday morning is all about narrative non-fiction and embracing truth.

Then we dare you to take what is real and make it false, and yet still true.

In Part II, we play with truth in fiction. We take the two truths rooted in your experience and put them at a safe distance by using a different form of storytelling: fiction. When it comes to sharing your truth with the world, it helps to know you have options.   

You are always in control of what you share and whether you expose your truth to the light or shroud it in veils of mystery and innuendo.

Join us to play with Two Truths & A Lie.

You know you want to.

“For those of us who can’t see ourselves ever writing fiction, I whole-heartedly recommend this workshop! The first day’s emphasis on introspection and self-discovery came naturally to me. I love how Bronwyn reminds me how I can bring that truth-telling into fiction.

And for others who are in the opposite camp (can’t see themselves writing non-fiction), this workshop should be equally instructive. There is never any pressure to share what you’ve written.

Bronwyn provides a supportive, safe environment to explore your truths … before you move on to your inventions.

I couldn’t ask for a better-organized, more convenient way to get important writing work done. Meeting online works extremely well for my busy schedule. Starting each morning of my weekend this way was incredible, and the creative energy continued all week!”

— Marise Phillips

When you sign up for Two Truths & A Lie you agree to trust the process and participate in all of the non-fiction and fiction writing exercises. Narrative non-fiction writing can be nerve-racking for those not used to it, but we keep it safe. Confidentiality and respect are required.

Two Truths & A Lie about this photo: 

  • This photo is about 15 years old
  • This person played volleyball in high school
  • This person walks on water

Join us!

Turn your truth into fiction and

Discover the Magic in Your Stories!



700-930am Wednesdays, PST
January 24-March 31*

*Excludes February 14 and March 6, which are reserved for online submissions for feedback.

Price includes two 30-minute 1:1 private coaching sessions as well as
the Mini Retreats on February 10 and March 9, 2024.