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Something Handy: 10 Big Tiny Nightstand Hacks For Working At Home

If you’re like me, you get as much or more work done sitting up in bed than at your desk or the dining room table, which, let’s be real, get overrun by other people and their stuff and my stuff and your stuff and everyone’s stuff way too quickly. You know what solves that problem?…
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Some Things Are Just For You.

It’s one thing to understand your past motivation and why it was harmful, it’s another to let it go — and yet another to find a new one that works. This is the third post in this series, which began with Superachiever On The Run. Do Something Now Your Future Self Will Thank You For…
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Re-Examine The Take-Away, Connect To You

For most of my life, I attached fear, future guilt, and avoiding shame to everything I did, from choosing what to wear to dinner with friends to going the extra mile for a client. I was anxious all the time and, since it was all the time, I had no idea it wasn’t normal. I…
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Super-Achiever On The Run

I’m an over-achiever. Maybe a super-achiever. Super Achiever? Once upon a time, I was driven by fear, the worst motivation for setting goals, or anything, really. I got my energy from anxiety. It drove me to fill every moment with “something worthwhile,” kept me on a constant quest for achievement, and might have turned me…
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Do Something Today Your Future Self Will Thank You For.

I’m a writing + creativity coach with a very full personal life. I live on an island in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I share a house with my mother. She and I are in the middle of rearranging and reorganizing the layout of our home so it will work the best possible way…
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