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Something Short: A Story for a Prompt: Heat

Burning to Sell the House* by Bronwyn Emery About a dozen years ago, when my then husband and I were selling our house and the kids were young and adorable and doing everything they could to sabotage us, I learned the hard way that cats are flammable.   And, if the tail goes up first,…
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Something Short: A Story for a Prompt: Naked

The Naked Truth by Bronwyn Emery I showed up to the zombie apocalypse with hairy legs. But first, I gave birth to my son. In the delivery room, in those precious 30 seconds between peak contractions, in that quiet space of concentrated breathing and focused preparation, I heard my unborn child’s great-grandmother declare, in a…
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Something Short: A Story for a Prompt: Solstice

Performed at Story Slam at Books, Inc. Alameda On Leaving a Marriage by Bronwyn Emery On the morning of summer solstice, Evie had to admit that Gavin was right; procrastination was indeed her superpower. She’d only known this day was coming for five years. She’d only had the form filled out and sitting in the…
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Something Short: A Story for a Prompt: Growth

Performed at Books, Inc. Alameda for Story Slam Regrowth By Bronwyn Emery *Names have been changed to protect privacy When I was a child, a group of my friends got together and went to my mother and begged her to make me stop telling lies. First, they verified that my cat was not actually a…
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