30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 9

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 9

I’m grateful for having had a whole bunch of Wednesdays in a row (almost in a row) with no one else’s agenda to cater to but mine.

I have been self-employed for almost ten years. It took a minute, but I figured out my ideal life / write rhythms and made sure I put certain things in place to organize my time and keep me focused, else I would flop around and fail like a big, floppy failer.

In-person Write Ins grew out this self-awareness. By setting up structured writing sessions with other writers, I had no choice but to show up and write. I was compelled to not get out of bed every other day of the week, but also to shower and do the hair and makeup thing. Regularly!

The days I stayed in bed, I was sitting up and working, never fear. I got a lot done, but I just didn’t smell as good.

Oh man, days that I don’t have to shower and do the hair and makeup thing have become such a luxury!

Covid times hit and, like everyone else, I swung my life into a great pivot. First, I tweaked Write-Ins into Write Alongs and figuring out how to make online writing sessions work as well as in-person sessions, if for no other reason than to keep the writers of this community connected, engaged, busy, and fulfilled.

Then, I shaped my pod: my mother, my boyfriend, and my daughter and grandson. I share a house with my mother and spend three nights a week plus one full weekend with her. I am on the precipice of sharing a house with my boyfriend and spend four nights a week with him, minus that one weekend. For almost three years, I spent the rest of the time with my grandson so his mom could continue to work, pay bills, cover insurance, buy food–that sort of thing.

But my writers. The “my” is not possessive; I use “my writers” in place of “my friends” when I’m referring to writers who are my friends.

I was on a circuit