Choice Within Change

I have this t-shirt. If you can relate, you might want to try my new workshop, Choice Within Change.

Life in 2020 keeps changing at a rapid pace, handing us circumstances no one asked for. February was normal, March was not. April was a new normal. May, June, and July were all over the normal-not-normal map and as I write this on the cusp of August, I have in mind the many, many people in my life – friends, family, clients, other writers and poets – who wrestle with a sense of being untethered, disconnected, and uninspired.

It’s as if we know we’re going to have to tap into our creative resources just to survive, even as we remember that we make art to thrive. And no one knows yet what we face next, let alone how to prepare.

Well, what would you like the rest of 2020 to be about? In a deep, personal level, what do you want to experience, produce, lean into? And what would you like for yourself going forward into 2021, for that matter?

It may feel like your choices have been taken away or severely limited, and yes, some of them have indeed been put on hold, but you still have a lot more control over your time and options than you might realize.

In this workshop, we’re going to take a look at life before and during SIP and suicidal distancing, and then explore how to stay centered and in control of your choices regardless of whatever the hekk the world does next–all in the context of your life, your writing, and your ideal creative situation.

It’s important to get clear about the choices you have in the midst of change, especially as the world reopens and you’re going to be asked to continue to make concessions in your life.

  • Xjxjxday, August : 9 a.m. to noon PST: $225
  • Xjxjxday, August: 9 a.m. to noon PST: $225

Understanding the control you have when everything around you is different can be the difference between feeling capable and confident and feeling helpless and out of control.

Your experience of change affects your creativity. As writers, we process a hekkofalot in our Daily Pages, personal narratives, stories, blog posts, and poetry.

If your writing and creativity have been blocked and you’re feeling down about it, do this workshop.

If you have been in a state of acceptance and productivity, and joyful about the way you have been spending your time, it’s also worth being in this workshop, especially if you’d like to know why it’s been working for you and how to hold onto what works going forward into Fall.

Reopening does not mean returning to the old normal. Your new normal has yet to be defined, so design it with your best interests in mind.

This is where you start.