The Month of Extraordinary Goals

Interested? Would you like to be a part of the MEG?
At some point today, take a beautiful moment to sink into what you want. Listen for your storyteller, your creative energy, your hungry writing soul — what will you feed her? How will you show up and put her first throughout November?
Let’s talk promises to your dynamic, vivacious, sexy, primal, story-sharing self. Oh my lord, can you imagine satisfying your writer every. damn. day. for a full month? Can’t you just taste the ecstasy? Warm and sticky and sweet, and so deep your soul purrs a new language?
I am greedy for that toe-curling sensation of mastering a goal and making it my bitch. Just saying.
Who’s planning to embark on NaNoWriMo? Join the Facebook group. Raise your hand in the comments or email me so we also talk about write-ins and online write-alongs to support you. If you don’t need our support, would you be willing to raise your hand so others who need some inspiration and to feel less alone in this will see you? 
Are you a NaNoWrimo rebel, chomping at the bit to do it your way, with your own word count or days spent revising/editing instead? How would you like to track your progress?
Maybe you’re working on non-fiction and have very specific, non-creative goals — or memoir, which can be tricky and touchy if family members struggle with what you’re writing. Some members just want someone to vent with about the emotional challenges to this kind of work. 
Any poets out there who like ambition set in stone? Does a Month of Extraordinary Goals inspire or constrict your creativity?
Who’s using the month to cache blog posts to get them through the holidays and into the next year?
Who’s developing their website or blog? Same here!
If I don’t have my coaching site finished by the time I get back from Reno, I need someone to smack me. Or threaten to Tweet my URL to the world or something equally terrifying. The website to-do list includes the Hello Writer, About, Services, and FAQ pages, as well as four blog posts. And when I say blog posts, I mean my version of November low-hanging fruit: the 30 Days of Thanksgiving posts I throw up on my Facebook page anyway. I’m crazy, but I’m not a lunatic.
This is my non-fiction goal. My fiction goal is below.
What about short stories? Two of my favorite short-storytellers and I are focused on stockpiling short stories for publishable collections. We’ll be chatting and hand-holding extensively through the month. Would you like to join us?
What if you’re hella busy and just writing for an hour once a week feels like a huge goal? There’s room for you, as well. 

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