Day 1: Writing narrative non-fiction | Day 2: Writing fiction

Attendance required both days of each lab.

I dare you to tell the truth with us, to gently explore the complex ideas and simple stories that make up your sense of self, and to visit or revisit what is truly interesting and maybe a little daring about you. Saturday morning is all about narrative non-fiction and embracing truth.

Then I dare you to take what is real and make it false, and yet still true.

Sunday morning we play with truth in fiction. We take the truth rooted in your experience and put it at a safe distance by using a different form of storytelling. When it comes to sharing your truth with the world, it helps to know you have options.

You are always in control of what you share and whether you expose your truth to the light or shroud it in veils of mystery and inuendo.

Each lab is two days; 8 - 11 a.m. online each day.

Package of 4 labs: $165
Package of 8 labs: $315

Jan 26-27 Hustle
Mar 16-17 Superstition
Mar 23-24 Shape
Mar 30-31 Fix
Apr 20-21 Glare
Apr 27-28 Wave
May 4-5 Change
May 25-26 Creep

The themes for this set of labs were used for the 2018 Alameda Shorts series to challenge members of To Live and Write in Alameda. They wove some pretty great tales last year.

Your interpretation is exactly that: yours.

Select one theme that calls to you, mix it up with a few favorites, or commit to the whole series. The choice is yours.


Writing Lab: Two Truths & A Lie

When you sign up for Two Truths & A Lie you agree to trust the process and participate in all of the non-fiction and fiction writing exercises. Narrative non-fiction writing can be nerve-racking for those not used to it. Confidentiality and respect are expected and required.

This is a pilot program; the price is set accordingly and will increase in 2020.

Two Truths & A Lie about this picture:

  • This photo is about 10 years old
  • This child walks on water
  • This child played volleyball in high school