~ Online Writing Labs ~

Two Truths & A Lie

Truth & Dare

Play with non-fiction + fiction

Join a small group of writers as we explore the universal human truths hidden within our personal narratives. Return the following morning to experiment with disguising them in fiction.

Weekday + weekend labs available.

$45 each session in 2019.

~ Online & In Real Life ~


Writing Salons

Share the coach + save some money

Experience the boost in concentration and productivity that happens when you meet up with other writers who are equally intent on putting words on the page and improving their work.

Focus blocks. Check ins. Accountability. Feedback + critique available.

$15 basic monthly membership


Give Your Intentions Individual Attention

     1:1 Coaching by the Hour:

  • Single 60-minute sessions when needed: $70
  • Four 60-minute sessions, scheduled bi-weekly: $260
  • Eight 60-minute sessions, scheduled bi-weekly: $500

Are you hesitant about hiring a coach you don't know?

       Let's chat.

Contact me at info@toliveandwrite.org to set up a fee-free consultation. We'll figure out if I'm the right coach for you while we explore what you would like to achieve.

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