Embrace Your Stories.

Hold them close, nurture them, learn, teach and grow from them. Set each one free in the world, when you are ready, and see what it does for the other humans. You might just be delighted.

Ways to Test the Water, No Charge.

Check out what I'm doing over on toliveandwrite.org. Under Challenges & Shenanigans in the menu is a list of monthly challenges, including Flash Lit, Word Count, and Daily Pages.

Flash Lit is for writers, poets, cartoonists, and other visual storytellers at all levels. You can play along in February, June, and October. I post the prompt and give you three days to write 500 words or create your image, load it on your blog, and share the link. Help is available to make a blog if you don't have one.

The Word Count challenges are for writers, poets, journalers, students, executives -- anyone who wants to plow through a large project, strengthen their writing muscles, or be compelled by a challenge to show up to the page immediately, rather than put it off another day.

Daily Pages is designed for writers, poets, and artists who crave an established creative habit and need a reason to sit down and value their own input every day. The first step clears the clutter so the creativity can come flooding in.

You are welcome to participate in any or all of these challenges on your own, but I invite you to consider letting me know so that when you stumble, get stuck, or feel isolated in your efforts, you have a friendly touchstone (me) to reach out to.

As a coach, I love to create individualized challenges designed to help you find your voice and get you to the goals you hold most dear. If you would like to hire me to work with you, please inquire by email: b.louise.emery@gmail.com

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