Hello writer, I’m the founder and facilitator of To Live and Write in Alameda, a writing community that exists on Facebook and in real life, happily growing and thriving since 2014. That’s how I became a coach.

Once upon a time, I was too shy and intimidated to join anyone else’s group, so I set out to create a space that could accommodate and celebrate writers from all walks of life, in every stage of embracing what it means to be a writer. It seems to be working.

As a side-effect of running To Live and Write in Alameda and working with a couple hundred writers (and counting), I’ve come into my own as a coach. With each new client, I begin with the ways writing and creativity show up in your life, then work with you to discover what you’d like to do moving forward and design the best, most empowering way to get there.

A secret about me: I fall hard and fast for just about every writer I meet. It’s borderline ridiculous. Whether you’re established and published, nervously dipping your toe in new waters, or finding your way back to a life of creativity and self-expression, I really want to know you and I will definitely shower you with moral support and invite you into possibility.

I’m a big believer in establishing and nurturing the creative habit. I’m an equally big believer in providing safe, inclusive, and supportive opportunities for you to share your work, if that’s what you’re looking for. Did you know that Alameda Shorts and Local Voices: A Broken Mic come directly from the dreams and wishes of different members of To Live and Write in Alameda? So do my workshops, retreats, and labs.

Some professional writing credentials: In past lives, I have been a columnist and Our Town editor at the Tracy Press, the Marketing and Community Relations Director at Alaska Sports, Inc., a busy freelance writer, and a ghostwriter for self-help gurus.

I have mentored new writers off and on since 2002 and am currently a writing coach, storyteller, and novelist who organizes interactive writing and cross-creativity events, activities, and monthly challenges for adults.

Several times a year I host retreats for a select group of writers in various locations in California and Nevada. It’s a lot of work, and I love it. Each retreat is unique, and they are all deeply satisfying adventures in storytelling, connection, writing, and just living the life of a writer who writes.

I’m an unrepentant cat lover and life-long learner with an addiction to exploration, experimentation, and failing forward into success. One day, maybe, I’ll feel like a grown up.

In my spare time, I try to keep up with the changing nature of motherhood as my amazing kids grow into magnificent adults and my grandbaby rides toddlerhood with the throttle wide open.

I have had my own struggles with the “if only …” obstacles we tend to throw at ourselves when we don’t know how to believe we are capable or that we deserve to try. I have had the great benefit of learning from generous friends and coaches who have shared their wisdom, insight, tools, and best practices with me over the years. It brings me real joy to turn around and use these gifts to help others find their way.

I prefer to coach adults because I know what it’s like to feel like life has wilted and creativity has fallen by the wayside, and to wonder if it’s too late to start again. AND I know what it’s like to rediscover joy, creativity, and self-expression. Purpose and direction. It is a thrill to witness — and a privilege to collaborate with — other men and women on their life-affirming journeys of creative transformation.

Your excitement is my excitement.

Where would you like to begin?

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